Another apologetics blog?… why?

There are many apologetics blogs out there. And that’s awesome.
This blog is not necessarily like those blogs. Our goal for this blog is to provide a place for twitter conversations to continue.

We want to reach out to those who actively use twitter – and who challenge the Christian faith in one way or another. It seems obvious that some questions cannot be answered in <140 characters. And when that happens, we move the conversation here.

The twitter account related to this blog is @HashtagApologia, and you can find us here.
(HashtagApologetics was one letter too long for twitter)

We’re excited to move the conversation forward.
We encourage you to join us.



2 thoughts on “Another apologetics blog?… why?

  1. Alan McGinn (@Chainsaw_McGinn)

    You describe ‘soft agnostics’ as feeling atheism is ‘probably true’ and call that blind faith. Surely if one has blind faith they would believe something to be absolutely true and not ‘feel it’s probably true but lacking evidence’ That, I feel is a contradiction. I think the problem is describing atheism as something which can be true when it in fact is a term to describe a lack of belief rather than a truth.

    No evidence? Surely it’s the perceived lack of evidence for the existence of God which creates agnostics rather than evidence of no God? Why would you reasonably expect someone who doesn’t believe in the existence of something to provide evidence?

    Is this really an accurate representation of atheist and agnostic points of view, or simply your own wordplay?


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