On Interacting With Street Epistemologists

A reblog-worthy post by Nick Peters at Deeper Waters on Boghossian’s congregation.

I have dealt with the atheistic presuppositionalists (“street epistemologists”) for quite some time, and I can confirm that this is an accurate assessment of many (or most) of them.

– Pitting science against religion is a horrible argument.
– Psychoanalyzing religious belief is not a response, it is a dismissal.
– Stop deliberately misunderstanding “faith”. This is what most people call “a straw man”.

Check it out.

Deeper Waters

What’s been my experience so far interacting with Street Epistemologists? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

I was asked by an apologetics group I belong to to describe what has been my experience thus far dealing with street epistemologists. You see, I was thrilled when I heard Peter Boghossian, author of “A Manual For Creating Atheists” (which I have reviewed here and interviewed Tom Gilson on here) had decided to come out with a show called the Reason Whisperer where he plans to have live conversations with people of “faith” and get them closer at least to deconversion.

I think this is a Godsend really.

I’ve long been waiting to see if there is something that will wake up the church from its intellectual slumbers and this I hope is it! We’ve had more than enough warnings and yet too many Christians are too caught up in themselves…

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